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Scenes from the Community Celebration for “Para Las Rosas/For the Roses”

On November 1, SF Heritage helped celebrate the vibrant restoration of Para Las Rosas/For the Roses, a mural by artist Juana Alicia that has adorned the exterior of 855 Treat Avenue —home of the San Francisco Mime Troupe— since 1985. This mural is a legacy work of art that preserves the history of the neighborhood, the Mime Troupe’s plays, and the cultural heritage of its former occupants, Fantasy Records. Preservation and restoration of this significant mural from the Mission’s public art renaissance, a piece celebrating jazz music, political theater, and movements for peace and social, racial, and gender justice, is vital to the cultural and educational life of the city, and SF Heritage has been proud to serve on the mural restoration committee since 2021.

SF Mime Troupe’s Ellen Callas hands Juana Alicia a thank you note during a community celebration for the Para Las Rosas mural restoration, November 1, 2022.
Local musicians with Agua Pura play at the mural celebration, which took place at the headquarters of the San Francisco Mime Troupe at 855 Treat Avenue.
Mime Troupe members, artists that worked on Para Las Rosas, and other community members at the celebration on November 1.

Over the past few months, Juana, with help from local artists, completed this vibrant restoration, ensuring that this piece of community art is preserved for future generations. The full restoration followed an initial pilot restoration in late 2021 focused on the mural’s Lenny Bruce figure (the famous comedian recorded at Fantasy Records, which was formerly housed at 855 Treat Avenue).

SF Heritage photos.

We hope to have a larger community celebration and block party early next year, so stay tuned!


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