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Unveiling “Legacy Bars & Restaurants,” Round Two

roundtwopostAfter an extraordinarily successful public “call for submissions” this spring, Heritage is thrilled to announce the second round of businesses named to our “Legacy Bars & Restaurants” guide.  The “Legacy” project is a new education, advocacy, and preservation initiative that seeks to celebrate and support San Francisco’s most legendary eateries, watering holes, dives, and haunts with unique cultural significance to the city.  On April 1, Heritage opened the public call for nominations via social media, inviting San Franciscans to vote toward the second round of 25 “Legacy” businesses. The top five most-voted institutions were guaranteed inclusion in the list.

Earlier this year, Heritage debuted “Legacy Bars & Restaurants” with 25 businesses featured as part of a first-of-its-kind interactive online guide.  The project was developed to honor those legendary establishments that reflect the spirit of San Francisco.  Recent threats to beloved local institutions like the Tonga Room and Gold Dust Lounge inspired Heritage to develop new strategies beyond landmark designation for recognizing and promoting the legacies of those iconic establishments that contribute to the culture, character, and lore of San Francisco.

With more than 450 votes cast over Facebook and Twitter, the top five most-voted businesses, and the newest honorees of the “Legacy Bars & Restaurants” distinction, are: Gino & Carlo (1942), Mitchell’s Ice Cream (1953), Philosopher’s Club (1960), Pier 23 Café (1937) and Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant (1965).

Rounding out the second group of businesses to be highlighted by the initiative are: Alioto’s Restaurant, Anchor Steam Brewery, Aub Zam Zam, Beep’s Burgers, Benkyodo Company, Elixir, Empress of China, Gold Dust Lounge, Little Shamrock, Red’s Java House, Sam’s Grill, Sam Wo, Schroeder’s Restaurant, Terry’s Lodge, Thanh Long Restaurant, The End Up, The Homestead, The Saloon, Tommaso’s Italian Restaurant, and Tommy’s Joynt.

In order to be eligible for selection, businesses must have achieved sustained operation of forty years or more, feature distinctive architecture or interior design, and contribute to the cultural heritage of the surrounding neighborhood or the city. In addition to the online guide, Heritage maintains a list of more than 130 businesses that qualify for the program and will be added in subsequent rounds.

Heritage will formally celebrate the second round of establishments named to the “Legacy Bars & Restaurants” guide as part of our inaugural Community Summit – “Sustaining San Francisco’s Living History” – being held on Saturday, June 15 at the Bayanihan Community Center. The day-long program convenes neighborhood, business and civic leaders to discuss challenges facing Heritage and Legacy businesses and other community institutions that contribute to San Francisco’s unique cultural identity.

Thank you to all of our members and supporters who nominated and cast votes for their favorites Legacy establishments!



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