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Parkside Heritage

San Francisco Heritage

In July 2020, San Francisco Heritage produced a month-long series focused on Parkside history and architecture. In August of that year, community members formed “Parkside Heritage” to work on preservation projects and address the neighborhood’s underrepresentation in the city’s official inventory of historic buildings. The group’s first campaign is to obtain official city landmark designation for the Trocadero Clubhouse in Stern Grove.

Thanks for Parkside Heritage’s efforts, District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar initiated landmark designation for the Trocadero on January 26, 2021.

Parkside Heritage has grown into an independent, affinity group run by the Parkside neighborhood with San Francisco Heritage supporting Parkside Heritage’s work. It is stewarded by the Parkside Heritage Working Committee, whose members include: Eileen Boken (SPEAK), Nicole Meldahl (Western Neighborhoods Project), Evan Rosen, Natalie Simotas (Pine Lake Park Neighborhood Association). The committee is currently seeking a fifth member, and those interested can email

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