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Without its many independent, locally-owned businesses, San Francisco wouldn’t be San Francisco. Local businesses that have been flourishing for 30 years and longer are the anchors of our communities.

Preserving these legacy businesses are critical to maintaining San Francisco’s uniqueness and what draw tourists from around the world.

Liguria Bakery, Tommy’s Joynt, & Mitchell’s Ice Cream are 3 SF institutions who speak with QuickBites about their historic businesses and about why it’s so important that they are still around providing generations after generations of San Franciscans with their culinary delights.

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2018 Lecture Series


General Information:

Each year, Heritage’s Lecture Series explores the breadth of San Francisco’s cultural inheritance in historic settings throughout the city. Lectures are at 6:00 p.m., with doors opening at 5:30 p.m. The September lecture at the Metropolitan Club is on a Friday night and includes an optional fixed-price dinner.

Individual tickets are $10 for Heritage members and students (with ID) and $15 for the general public. Series passes (all four lectures) are $30 for members/students and $50 for general public.

2018 Lecture Series

Making Architecture Great Again!!
Thursday, August 23
SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll groan…and you’ll never look at wonky buildings the same way again. A funny and histo-taining slideshow of awry Schticktorians, Cowabungalows, Ei-Yai-YEichlers. Stephen Schafer makes a living photographing beautiful buildings and on the way to-and-from these jobs, he sees the wacky underbelly of our built environment. In partnership with SPUR.

Tables From The Rubble
Friday, September 21
Annual Alice Ross Carey Lecture and Dinner

640 Heritage Preservation Foundation, Metropolitan Club, 640 Sutter Street



Tables From The Rubble transports readers to San Francisco in the years after the Great Earthquake of 1906. Amid the ruins, restaurants rose to feed the hungry and only a handful remain today. Author Denise Clifton will read from the book and share stories and historic photos from legacy restaurants. Book signing and optional fixed-price dinner will follow. In partnership with 640 Heritage Preservation Foundation.

Julia Morgan’s San Francisco
Thursday, October 11
Century Club of California, 1355 Franklin Street

Dr. Karen McNeill explores Julia Morgan’s buildings in her native San Francisco area. From YWCAs, women’s clubs, and schools, to houses and commercial buildings—all showcase the architect’s Beaux-Arts training, engineering expertise, and Northern California sensibilities. In partnership with the Century Club of California.

Bracing for Disaster: Earthquake-Resistant Design in San Francisco 1868-1933
Thursday, November 8
Old U.S. Mint, 88 5th Street
*limited seating capacity, please RSVP

Professor Tobriner will discuss the unique architectural and engineering history of the design and construction of the 1874 Old U.S. Mint at a time when federal, state, and city authorities were seeking to build seismic-resistant structures in the aftermath of the 1868 earthquake. In partnership with the California Historical Society.

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