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Directors of the SF African-American Arts & Cultural District Share Their Mission

The San Francisco African-American Arts & Cultural District works to preserve, strengthen and promote Black culture in the city’s Bayview District. Director of Programs Ericka Scott and Operations Director Ebon Sean Glenn recently talked on CBS’s Black Renaissance program about the non-profit’s mission, upcoming events, and more.

In recent years, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has recognized several cultural heritage districts that are distinguished by unique social and historical associations and living traditions. The first formally-recognize cultural district was Calle 24 Latino Cultural District in 2014. While they have physical boundaries, the districts are primarily identified by the activities that occur within them, including commerce, services, arts, events, and social practices.

Like the Legacy Business Registry, the cultural districts formally recognize San Francisco’s intangible cultural heritage, which includes non-physical characteristics, such as customs and practices, artistic expressions, beliefs, languages, folklore, traditions, and even cuisine. Often passed down from generation to generation, it is constantly evolving in response to a communities’ religious, political, and social environment, and provides a sense of identity and continuity. SF Heritage is proud to make actively safeguarding our city’s intangible heritage a primary focus of our advocacy work.

Artwork by Kenny Farris featured on new banners that now line the Third Street corridor in the Bayview District. The banners are a recent project of the San Francisco African American Arts & Cultural District to promote the area’s rich history and identity.
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