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Parkside Heritage Working Committee

Parkside Heritage has grown into an independent, affinity group run by the Parkside neighborhood with San Francisco Heritage supporting Parkside Heritage’s work. It is stewarded by the Parkside Heritage Working Committee, whose members include: Eileen Boken (SPEAK), Nicole Meldahl (WNP), Evan Rosen, Natalie Simotas (PLPNA). The committee is currently seeking a fifth member, and those interested can email

The Working Committee’s objectives are:

1. Research historic landmarks and provide context to the Parkside Neighborhood.

2. Attend planning meetings hosted by other groups to stay informed on historic preservation and (re) development in surrounding neighborhoods.

3. Plan and host community outreach – hosting meetings, marketing, etc.

4. Synthesize Parkside community feedback and present findings to SF Heritage so they can prioritize preservation efforts and focusing on historic preservation legislation.

Heritage in the NeighborhoodsParksideparkside heritage

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