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Supervisor Mar Initiates Landmark Designation for the Trocadero Inn

Yesterday, District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar initiated the process to designate the Trocadero Clubhouse inside Stern Grove as a historic landmark!

In July 2020, our Heritage in the Neighborhoods program focused on the Parkside District sparked an affinity group focused on preservation and advocacy called Parkside Heritage. After considering the formation of a potential historic district of early houses, the group decided to first pursue landmark designation for Stern Grove’s Trocadero Inn, and this is great news for our community effort! Many thanks to the Supervisor Mar and his office for their support.

On his social media channels, Supervisor Mar said of the landmarking effort:

“It is important that we look at historic landmarking through the lens of different experiences, and I hope the landmarking helps us feel more connected to our history, highlighting that we share more in common than we think. This is the story we are living in the Parkside and Sunset District today. Despite our differences, it’s the story of seeing our common condition and common desires: a place to find respite from life’s familiar hardships, a place to rest, a place to build community, a place like the Trocadero.”

Get a refresh on the storied history of this 1892 roadhouse in our Parkside month post. If you are interested in joining Parkside Heritage’s efforts, email Kerri at

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