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Ten New Business Added to the Legacy Business Registry

Congratulations to the ten businesses added to the San Francisco Legacy Business Registry yesterday! Each was approved by the Small Business Commission (SBC) at its April 25 meeting:

  1. Buddha Lounge, Inc.
  2. Buena Vista Cafe
  3. Far East Cafe
  4. Helmand Palace
  5. Latin Jewelers
  6. Paxton Gate
  7. Sai’s Vietnamese Restaurant
  8. San Francisco Carts and Concessions, Inc.
  9. Small Frys Children’s Store
  10. Valentino Market

You may view each of these business’s applications here. Approval by the SBC is the final step in a business’s journey to joining the Legacy Business Registry, a process that includes a nomination by the mayor or a member of the Board of Supervisors, a written application, and an advisory recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission.

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Thank you to Supervisor Aaron Peskin for continuing to support this important preservation program.

San Francisco’s legacy businesses are the special watering holes, bookstores, restaurants, organizations, and practitioners that serve as valuable cultural assets to the city and are the bedrock of our neighborhoods. The Legacy Business Fund has not kept pace with need in recent years, and SF Heritage was proud to support the successful push for more resources for this important program.

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