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Announcing the Gee Gee Bland Platt Advocacy Fund

On June 14, 2024, San Francisco Heritage was honored to announce a new endowed fund specifically intended to support our important advocacy mission.

The Gee Gee Bland Platt Endowed Fund for San Francisco Heritage commemorates and continues the life’s work of one of San Francisco’s first, and most indefatigable and accomplished historic preservationists, Gee Gee Bland Platt.

Gee Gee Bland Platt (1939-2023)

Annual distributions of income from the invested fund will support SF Heritage’s advocacy work on behalf of San Francisco’s architectural and cultural identity.

Gee Gee Bland Platt passed away on December 13, 2023. Her attention to and love for San Francisco’s architectural heritage was expressed in decades of devoted and formidable activism.

In 1963, as a young wife and mother in a new city, she served as chair of the Junior League’s architectural survey of San Francisco. Demonstrating her perspicacity and forecasting her leadership, that document was republished as the influential book Here Today: San Francisco’s Architectural Heritage in 1968. That same year, Gee Gee was appointed to the first San Francisco Landmarks Advisory Board—during her 13-year tenure, 7 of them as president, the first 110 San Francisco city landmarks were designated.

Gee Gee served on San Francisco Heritage’s board for years and her dedication and diligence helped save hundreds of important buildings, public artworks, and iconic landscapes in San Francisco.

Born on June 14, 1939, Gee Gee always referred to her birthday parties as Flag Day commemorations. San Francisco Heritage was delighted to announce the creation of the Gee Gee Bland Platt Endowed Fund on Flag Day 2024.

An anonymous donor has given a generous founding contribution of $100,000 to the Gee Gee Bland Platt Endowed Fund in honor of Woody LaBounty, Katherine Petrin, and Mark Ryser.

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