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Digital Documentation Work Begins at the Lyon-Martin House

The CyArk team documents the living room of the Lyon-Martin House on September 27, 2021. Photo by Shayne Watson.

September 27, 2021 marked the first day of digital documentation work at the Lyon-Martin House, located at 651 Duncan Street in Noe Valley. A broad coalition (including Heritage) recently helped to designate the site as a San Francisco city landmark, which is the former home of lesbian pioneers Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. Digitally documenting the site is the next milestone in preserving the home and Phyllis and Del’s legacy for future generations.

Friends of the Lyon-Martin House (FOLMH) is working with the preservation organization CyArk on this effort. Read more about the efforts to document the site in our recent Community Voices column with FOLMH member Grete Miller.

>Preserving the Story of Lesbian Advocates Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

Check out more images from Day 1 of documentation work, courtesy of FOLMH member and historic preservationist Shayne Watson:

Rear exterior of the Lyon-Martin House.

Looking into the kitchen of the Lyon-Martin House.

Detail of midcentury kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Montgomery Ward stove located inside the kitchen of the Lyon-Martin House.

The Cyark team documents the living room at the Lyon-Martin House.

Shayne Watson poses on the stairs inside the living room of the Lyon-Martin House.

Piece of paper with old wifi and password (Network name “Phyllis”) that Shayne Watson discovered under a couch during documentation work on September 27, 2021. 


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An update from advocacy partners the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


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More details on the documentation process from CyArk.


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