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Fun Friday: Richmond District Architecture Spotlight with Joey Yee

A still from Joey Yee’s video on Richmond District houses.

Taking inspiration (we think) from the web-slinging Spiderman, Joey Yee is just your “friendly neighborhood SF native,” and loves the Richmond District. His now popular videos “cut through the fog” to cover not only Richmond District history and culture, but also his favorite San Francisco things – big trees, bridges, city landmark show-downs, you name it.  More recently, he made a video in support of city businesses suffering from the impact of COVID-19.

For our “fun friday,” we wanted to spotlight one of Yee’s videos, made a few months back in February (which now seems an age away). While “San Francisco is known everywhere for its architecture (yes!),” in this fun video he explores the many different building styles that you can find in the city’s Richmond District specifically. Yee perfectly encapsulates the diversity of the district’s architecture, and how it feels “less like a nuclear family” and more like “an extended one.” And for all these different styles, the Richmond’s unique amalgamation of buildings are ultimately “just as vibrant and diverse as the people living inside them.”

As a bonus, Yee also makes great use of OpenSFHistory’s fantastic historic photo archive to help tell the district’s history. Take a look at his video below (including a 90’s glam-rock montage), and find out more about this special pocket of the city:

Architecture SpotlightRichmond District

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