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My #SFHeritage50 Photo Contest Starts June 1!

Show the world your favorite San Francisco landmark or legacy business (or place you think should be a landmark or legacy business) and win a chance for a gift certificate to The Buena Vista Cafe, Anchor Oyster Bar, Green Apple Books, Flowercraft or Soko Hardware.


Post on social media to win prizes in three categories:

1. Best photo in front of an existing SF Landmark

Click the image to browse a recent map of existing SF landmarks and National Register listings.

2. Best photo in front of a legacy business (we will include a map of legacy businesses in our contest announcement)

Click the image to browse a map of existing businesses on the Legacy Business Registry.

3. Best photo at a site you think SHOULD be a landmark or legacy business. Help us elicit ideas for what the future of preservation should look like!

Sample entry:


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Include one or more of these hashtags in your post: #SFHeritage50, #KeepSFSpecial #MySanFranciscoHeritage

Key Dates:

The contest kicks-off  Tuesday, June 1.

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, June 13 at 5:00 PM.

We will review and award prizes between Monday, June 14Friday, June 18.


Five certificates/gift cards for San Francisco legacy businesses, at $100 each. (These will be assigned at random)

  • Buena Vista Cafe
  • Anchor Oyster Bar
  • Green Apple Books
  • Flowercraft
  • Soko Hardware

*Winners will reflect each of our three aforementioned categories, with remaining two reflecting any category.

The Details:

  • We highly encourage those submitting their photos to include a person in the frame, or another interesting element of the place they are choosing. This can include taking a selfie in front of your chosen place, taking a photo of the owner of your favorite legacy business, sharing a photo of your dog in front of your chosen place, etc. The more creative the better!
  • Participants must use one or more of the campaign hashtags in their post: #SFHeritage50, #MySanFranciscoHeritage
  • Participants should write 1-2 sentences about the place chosen, and where it is located. Bonus points: Why is this place special to you?

*For Instagram, make sure your profile is public in order to be eligible for a prize.

We look forward to seeing your picks for the places that make San Francisco special!

Heritage 50contest

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