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Video: 4 Questions with Visitacion Valley Resident Neo Veavea

For our second Thursday video segment, we interviewed Visitacion Valley resident Neo Veavea to discuss his favorite places in the neighborhood. Neo co-founded United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliances (UTOPIA) in 1998, an organization that serves as a support, social and resource group for LGBTQ Polynesians and Pacific Islanders. He recently retired from the Samoan Wellness Initiative, an organization that has been servicing the Pacific Islander and wider community for over 25 years.

In the video, Neo mentions a piece he wrote about Visitacion Valley. This was called “Change is Coming,” and appeared in the Visionary: A Journal of San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley, which only published one edition in the summer of 2012.  VVBOOM (now Visitacion Valley Connections) produced the journal, which all members of the Visitacion Valley History Project contributed to. Read Neo’s piece below:

videoVisitacion Valley

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