Parkside Heritage

In July 2020, San Francisco Heritage produced a month-long series focused on Parkside history and architecture. In August, community members formed “Parkside Heritage” to work on preservation projects and address the neighborhood’s underrepresentation in the city’s official inventory of historic buildings. The group’s first campaign is to obtain official city landmark designation for the Trocadero Clubhouse in Stern Grove.

Read the press release distributed on October 1, 2020. (Press Release in PDF format.)

Members of Parkside Heritage: Don Andreini, Alice Baldocchi, Eileen Boken, Richard Brandi, Kathy Hirzel, Inge Horton, Woody LaBounty, Nicole Meldahl, Margaret Ostermann, Alex Parr, Katherine Petrin, Evan Rosen, Natalie Simotas, Lorri Ungaretti, Jonathan Vaknin, Esq., and Kerri Young.

Organizations and community groups supporting the designation of the Trocadero Clubhouse as a city landmark include Pine Lake Park Neighborhood Association, San Francisco City Guides, San Francisco History Association, San Francisco Historical Society, Maybeck Foundation, San Francisco Heritage, SPEAK (Sunset-Parkside Education Action Committee), Western Neighborhoods Project, and the Victorian Alliance of San Francisco.

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