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Projects and Policy Committee

San Francisco Heritage

Heritage works with architects, developers, and property owners to promote restoration, sensitive rehabilitation, and viable adaptive reuse of historic resources according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

Our Projects and Policy Committee, comprised of leaders in historic preservation, architecture, law, real estate, development and construction, has reviewed hundreds of projects pending in San Francisco for compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The committee cannot review all projects that affect historic structures, and it is the policy of the committee to review only projects presented by the project sponsor or legal appellants. Heritage Staff will monitor and vet projects and decide which warrant review by the committee.

In general, projects should come to the Projects and Policy Committee after preparation of a historic resource evaluation type report, where design has progressed sufficiently to accurately show proposed changes to historic fabric, and before presentation to the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors or other city agencies.

If you would like to schedule a project presentation with the Projects and Policy Committee, please contact Vice President of Advocacy and Programs, Christine Madrid French.

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