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Visitacion Valley

San Francisco Heritage

For many San Franciscans, stories of Visitacion Valley revolve around concerts or the circus at the Cow Palace, memories of the Geneva Drive-In, or sandwiches grabbed at the Piccolo Pete deli on the way to Candlestick for a Giants or 49ers game. But the neighborhood’s history dates back much further, from its early Yelamu settlements, to its mid-19th century truck farms and roadhouses providing hospitality to travelers up and down the peninsula. Read more about the neighborhood’s rich history.

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Join our Visitacion Valley Landmark Campaign

Visitacion Valley Heritage, a new preservation affinity group, is campaigning to identify and obtain Visitacion Valley’s first landmark designation. Visit the Vistiacion Valley Heritage page for more information!

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The Visitacion Valley History Project

We are working closely with community leaders and local historians Cynthia Cox, Edie Epps, Russel Morine, and Betty Parshall, who in 2004 formed the Visitacion Valley History Project (VVHP).

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